Brazen Rewards

Way more than a a regular Rewards program,Brazen rewards is a free way for you to earn cash, discounts, and free products. Just create an account to start.

Rewards points

To join Brazen Rewards all you need to do is simply create an account and you will automatically be enrolled in the program.

You earn points towards Rewards for every qualifying purchase made on Brazen Express. Plus you can earn bonus points for other activities such as reviewing products, sharing your referral link with others and participating in activities.


Each 10 points = $ 1 USD

When you purchase a product excluding all SALE ITEMS you earn 5% in points  of the total price of the item.

Whenever you share your link and whoever purchases a product within  30 days after using your referral link your account will automatically get credited 10% of the total sale. The referee must have successfully completed the sale in order for you to get credited.

Points will expire within a 12-month period unless used towards a Reward.

Brazen Express have the rights to add, modify, and delete points from account holders. Brazen Express  also  have the right to  ban users from our website if we suspect of points being earned in a fraudulent way. If we suspect any illegal activity or suspect odd activities with how you earn points we may suspend or terminate your account with or without notice.

Redeeming Points

When your account reaches 500($50) points you can redeem your points for discounts on products or you can redeem your points for a product priced equal or less then the amount of points you are redeeming. Rewards points cannot be used pay for sales tax, only the total amount of each individual item.

When your account reaches 1000($100)points you can unlock the ability to exchange your points for cash.

Brazen Rewards can only be used on

They cannot be used to:
• Purchase Express gift cards
• Pay shipping charges
• Pay international shipping fees
• Pay sales tax

You can view your rewards points in the my account section. From there you will find the total amount of points you have and you will also find your shareable referral link.

If you use any of your points to make a purchase and you decide to refund your order. We will remove any of the points you earned after we have successfully processed your refund.

At the moment we only send cash payments through Paypal. You must have a PayPal account in order for us the send you your cash payouts. Payouts are processed 1-2 business days after request.